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Video: Correct Cycling Posture

By: Clare Birtles - Updated: 18 Aug 2012 | comments*Discuss

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Greg Deacon an enthusiastic tri-athlete and on behalf of Cycling for Fun.co.uk and I'm going to show you some correct postures for cycling.

The back should be arched like a bridge so that bumps in the ground would be harmless to the rider. Ensure the saddle is not set to high, as this will be a problem with the Achilles tendons at the back of the ankle. Peddling with your toes and not the ball of your foot can cause the same injuries.

Hold your wrist inline with your forearm as this will avoid numbness and possible pinched nerves.

Cycling is actually less stressful to the knee's then most exercises because there is no impact involved however knee injuries do occur and the main cause of this is using the wrong gear, make sure the gear is not too high.

The elbow must be slightly bent and not straight and locked, the shoulders must be pushed forward so that the muscles in the chest help carry the weight of the upper body.

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I see loads of people peddling with the flats of their feet. I was always told this was a definite no no. What I would like to know is if you only cycle every now and then - how do you get a position that doesn't feel like it's bruising your backside once you've gone past about 10 miles!
notenough - 22-May-12 @ 5:29 PM
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