What is an Electric Bike?

Essentially, an electric bike is just like a normal bike but with the benefit of an on-board electric motor. There are various types available but, with the aim of keeping things simple, the most common e-bike today is a ‘pedal-assist’ or ‘pedelec’ bicycle.

Velodrome cycling

Cycling at the Olympic Games

Cycling has been contested at every Olympic Games and, since Chris Boardman’s success at Barcelona in 1992, Britain has had a good deal of success.

Cycling route

Cycling for Fun in Yorkshire

There are over 500 miles of green lanes, bridleways and byways in the Yorkshire Dales and these can be linked in countless ways to provide thrilling rides.

Cycling for fitness

Fitness Facts About Cycling

Studies have shown that regular cycling can reduce the chances of premature death by providing a level of protection against heart disease and other conditions.